La Siberia Extremeña

La Siberia Extremeña, the Extremaduran Siberia, is a part of the region that's unknown even to most Spaniards, whose misconceptions begin with its evocative name. They imagine it must be some terribly inhospitable place

The reference to Siberia presumably has its origins in its wild expanses, mile after mile of land where few crops grow and only livestock can be spotted. Even the towns and villages are few and far between, many of their inhabitants having left for jobs in cities where there are more ways to make a living. Nevertheless, La Siberia has much to offer visitors such as ourselves, starting with its authenticity - I can guarantee you that few places in Spain are as unspoilt as La Siberia Extremeña, especially in terms of tourism and the presence of foreigners.

So Let's focus on specific points of interest: it boasts numerous reservoirs, some amid spectacular scenery (e.g. Garcia de la Sola) and others harbouring terrific opportunities for birding (e.g. Orellana and its nature reserve), while many of the villages are worth a visit, such as Puebla de Alcocer and its castle.

While not the most immediately attractive and accessible part of Extremadura, La Siberia offers many rewards if you're prepared to explore it and lose yourself in what really does deserve to be termed "Hidden Spain", unlike so many spots that are advertised as such in glossy brochures.

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