Guadalupe is far more than a nice village in northern Extremadura, it's a emblem of Hispanic culture and religion.

Thousands of girls are named after its virgin, while its gorgeous monastery is a World Heritage Site. A must on any tour round Extremadura, the building is a masterpiece of gothic-mudéjar (Arabic) architecture with cloisters, museums and chapels to explore. We're talking about somewhere that's worth a lengthy time inside rather than a sight to be ticked off in a few minutes.

What's more, the village is pretty in itself, and the monastery means that there are plenty of hotels and restaurants there. If you're considering an overnight stay it's worth noting that for once the excellent surroundings of the Parador are overshadowed by another hotel nearby, this time in the monastery itself La Hospedería del Real Monasterio.

All in all, Guadalupe's well worth a detour. The monastery complex is amazing and gives an added insight into the nature of Iberian identity.


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